The Splendid Teapot Race
at Dragon Con

From the Alternate & Historical Fiction Track

This Annual Competition Brings Together Creativity & RC Racing

The Splendid Teapot Race is a fun family event organized by the Alternate & Historical Fiction Track. Whether you've been racing RC cars for a lifetime, an established Maker interested in giving something new a try, or just an enthusiastic newcomer that thinks Teapot Racing will be fun, we’re happy to welcome to our odd little sport. Hailing from the shores of New Zealand, Teapot Racing is has become an international hobby. And we know that the Dragon Con crowd will be excited to cheer you on!

Ready to race at Dragon Con in 2023?

We’re excited to announce the return
of the Splendid Teapot Race

Audience Watching A Racer

The Most Important Rules about Teapot Racing at the Con

  1. You have to have a membership to Dragon Con.

  2. Your racer has to have a teapot element. Size, shape, and materials are up to you.

  3. Your racer has to be able to move on its own. You don't get to push or pull your racer down the track.

We built our program around the New Zealand Splendid Teapot Racing rules, which are available as a pdf

How Do You Get Started?

First you need a racer. What you use and how it works is pretty much up to you, but here are some guidelines:

All vehicles must have a teapot element and be mounted on a radio-controlled chassis capable of self-movement.

We suggest that you keep your vehicle under 1'W x 1'L x 1.5' H. You can make your vehicle any size that you wish, but remember you have to navigate the track.

Fancy Tea Time Racer
The 2019 Splendid Teapot Race

About The Race Course

  • The course will consist of hazards that may include a Ramp, a Tunnel, A Jump And Breakable Obstacles at the whim of the Judges.

  • Vehicles must negotiate the Course, one Vehicle at a time, within the allotted time of 3 minutes.

  • Points will be deducted for every 10 seconds over the allotted time.

  • Vehicles which have not completed the course will be penalized.

  • Contestants may walk with their Vehicle as it negotiates the Course.
    If there is a tie - the Judges will use a Drag Race to determine a winner. This will partly depend upon there being Vehicles capable of racing together without interference to each other’s radio control systems, although exceptions may be made in the interests of amusement.

How Do You Get Points?

Points are awarded for:

  • Vehicle Appearance

  • Racer Introduction

  • Bribery of the Judges

  • Obstacles & Hazards Completed

  • Course Time

Points are deducted for:

  • Missing a Hazard

  • Exceeding the Time Limit

  • Failure to Complete the Course or Hazards

  • Vexing the Judges.

Racer Knocking Over A Teacup


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